Lorca Cohen and Greg Wooten, owners of The Window, first met at the Palm Springs Modernism show in 2006.  They developed a friendship based on a shared aesthetic and mutual passion for discovering beautiful objects. After many successful shopping ventures both in the states and abroad, and with a mutual desire for change, they decided to create a new business together.  The result is their esoteric and eclectic design space in Los Angeles.

Housed in a spectacular 1930’s industrial art deco storefront that once served as a Ford Model-A showroom, The Window has become a popular resource for high-end interior designers and sophisticated retail customers.

            Pedigree iconic 20th century furnishings from the likes ofPedro Friedeberg and Gaetano Pesce are found next to anonymous biomorphic carved wood sculpture, primitive folk art, Machine Age metallic light fixtures, and architectural elements from as far back as the 18th century.  Their combined love of natural form is seen throughout the light and airy 3600 square foot space, appearing in various stone, as well as wood, iron and leather.

“It’s detailed and eclectic, but somehow feels very reduced,” explains Cohen, seated in a 1950’s Italian “Saturno” sofa, in the back of their Melrose Avenue store.

“The mix of form and material is a very personal thing, and fortunately we often walk through a giant antique fair together and find that we have both gravitated toward the same one thing out of thousands of possibilities,” explains Wooten. 

While most stores will focus on a particular era in design, The Window’s scope is vast.

“We basically buy what we love, stuff we would be happy to take home and live with, it’s that simple. Those are our parameters,” he elaborates. 

“The bonus is that our vision is being very well-received here in L.A. and elsewhere. I think people in the design industry that buy from us, our regular interior designers, know that our aesthetic has a focus and sense of curation, even in covering so much design territory. The Window has it’s own vibe and that’s very satisfying.”

            “I like that beautiful things get to pass through our hands; there’s something really charming and satisfying about discovering beauty and knowing it’s going to live somewhere else,” adds Cohen, who lives half the year in Paris, where the Window also owns a storefront along the canal in the 10th Arrondissement.

The Window’s Parisian Annex offers a rotation of pop-up stores and installations--Comme des Garçons and Cyril Duval among them--and the Window team recently designed an installation for Paris’ Nouvelle Affaire boutique.


About the owners:


Before creating The Window, Cohen and Wooten both ran established, successful furniture galleries in Los Angeles and New York respectively.